Friday, September 19, 2008

Put more Money into the Classroom

In 2006, during the Special Session of the 79th Texas Legislature, Governor Rick Perry laid out his vision that 65% of money that school districts spend should go into the classroom in the form of teacher pay or education materials. As of 2008, still only 50% of the money goes into classroom, based on the statewide average.

While private businesses run on 10-15% overhead, public schools spend 50% of their budgets on overhead expenses.

Teachers unions and School Board unions continue to use your tax money to lobby for additional money, but where does it go? I drove by a new sports complex that is being built in Manor, TX today. This football stadium is costing taxpayers millions of dollars. At the same time, I know from an inside source that the Manor school district cannot pay teachers who spent their entire summer developing new cirriculum any extra because there was not enough money in the budget to do so.

Check out this youtube to see an insight as to how the teachers unions are preventing real change and real education from taking place in our school districts.

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benning said...

Only a few years ago - I can't remember if this was the local school district or one in PA where my brother lives - the word was that one of the schools was being repainted, inside and out. It didn't need repainting at all. However the repainting was on the schedule so it had to be done. A waste of money by the school district or school board. No way were they going to simply save the money for later use. Seems they have that, "We got the money; we spend the money!" mentality.

After all, it isn't thier money anyway. Building a new stadium or arena is logical from their perspective. They want it, even though it isn't a wise choice, so they'll build it. You just be quiet!

I remember, back in the late 60s, that my Jr. High School had three administrators. Principal, Vice-Principle, and Guidance Councillor. They shared two secretaries. Was there a need for more? No, and there still isn't. I wonder how many office personnel that school has now.

The local school board has its own massive building. Many employees who have no contact with any school in the district. Massive advertising budget. And they cannot seem to be able to pay for enough buses for the students.

Not their money. Not thier problem.