Monday, September 8, 2008

Piper Palin Does the Darndest (Cutest) Thing

I thought it was cute when Piper Palin licked her hand to pat her brothers hair down. Apparently some over-serious lib MSM types with not enough kids were cringing (NYTimes: "journalists wrinkled their noses in disgust "). I just laughed at the cuteness of it. With four kids of my own, I've seen it all, way beyond that. Our youngest deciding to plumb the depths of the toilet bowl; our four year old boy running stark naked into the middle of a teenaged girls birthday party that he can't find his swimming suit. That was just this weekend. our four year old has hair that just decides to stick up - we call it "Rooster Hair". And the boy himself? He's Mr Piece-of-work. Who knows what next week will bring.

I'm going to enjoy Piper Palin on the campaign trail.

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Freedom Ain't Free said...

Freedom's Truth wrote, "I'm going to enjoy Piper Palin on the campaign trail."

Not as much as you're going to enjoy seeing her around the White House. :-)

Of course, my Daniel had wild hair that could have benefited from some of Piper's lick-smoothing. And he too enjoyed playing in the toilet, and...well I'll just leave it right there.

I sure do miss that little guy. :-(