Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Empower Texans PAC Releases Endorsements

*** UPDATE ***
Empower Texans updated their list of endorsements today in their weekly newsletter.

Jerry Mikus, the Republican candidate in HD 50, also recieved the Empower Texans prestigious endorsement.

The Empower Texans PAC released their endorsements in the State Legislative races today. The notable candidates who received endorsements in the central Texas area are:

HD 52 Bryan Daniel

HD 47 Donna Keel

HD 17 Tim Kleinschmidt

HD 55 Ralph Sheffield

Republicans need to get out in support of these fine candidates.

Empower Texans PAC is a political action committee set up to promote sound fiscal policies. Their endorsements carry a lot of weight among fiscal conservatives that support tax cuts, transparency in government, and responsible use of public money.

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