Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Lance's "Heroic" Comeback

Lance Armstrong announced today that he plans to race in the 2009 Tour de France to raise money to end cancer. While that is a noble goal, I believe Lance's true motive it to raise money and awareness for himself for a possible run for office one day.

Anytime a celebrity is pursuing a noble effort, it means they want something in return. I believe Lance Armstrong wants to run for office and his "Cure for Cancer" aspirations and his announcement to race in the 2009 Tour de France will give him a platform to run for Austin Mayor when Will Wynn is term limited or become the liberal Democrat nominee for Governor in 2010.

Stay tuned...Lance Armstrong's aspirations are to boost his political capital and his heroic persona so he can raise your taxes to fund cancer research. Remember the cancer tax proposition in 2007? There's more where that came from if Lance Armstrong has his way.

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Anonymous said...

I hope Lance Armstrong sees the wisdom of staying out of elected office.

Since Oprah has embraced Obama, her ratings are way down.

Lance is beloved by many because his issue and agenda are threatening to none. His cancer awareness agenda is feelgood stuff.

But if he signs up for the nutty ideas Wynn has pushed, giving us point of sale mandates, then I'm all for voting him down and calling him on his water use hypocrisy. Lookit, we now have a law against watering on the wrong days. When fascists are running city hall, it's a big step DOWN for a hero to run for it.