Sunday, September 7, 2008

Obama Gaffes and Admits He is a Muslim

Barack Obama has professed his faith is Christianity for the entire campaign. Today, he commits a freudian slip on ABC and admits he is a Muslim. Which is it?

Whether Obama is a Christian or a Muslim, the Democrats are starting to struggle.

The Palin Vice Presidential pick has taken a lot of wind from the sails of the Democrats who are now moving to the defensive. Republicans are not looking for four more years of George Bush any more than the Democrats are, which is evidenced by the candidates at the top of the GOP ticket who are running on cleaning up the culture of corruption in Washington.

FREEDOM'S TRUTH UPDATE/VIEW: It's a gaffe indeed, but not an admission. Hot Air is calling it "Rhetorical clumsiness" not an admission: Here’s the full exchange with Stephanopoulos, making it perfectly clear that when he says “my Muslim faith” he’s referring to how the people smearing him see him, not how he sees himself. No mas, please. Hot Air and Redstate don't want the Right-osphere to be party to false rumors (akin to what the left did to Sarah Palin this past week), begging: let’s cut this one off at the pass before it gets going.

Let me make clear: Barack Hussein Obama is not a Muslim. Barack's father and step-father both were Muslim, his name is Muslim, he was listed as a Muslim as a student in school in Indonesia, and his step-sisters and step-brothers are Muslim. But Obama is not a Muslim. Obama has attended a Christian church, Trinity UCC, headed by the Black Liberation Theology firebrand Pastor Rev Wright for 20 years, who happens to be friends with Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan. Obama has Nation of Islam staffers.

Barack Obama is often gaffe-prone and inarticulate when away from the teleprompter. Along with the 57 states he visited, kids on breathalyzers, the 10,000 who he said died in a Kansas tornado (it was under a dozen), and seeing fallen heroes in the audience, calling himself a Muslim don't make it so. Barack Obama's real roots are Marx not Mohammed.

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