Sunday, June 21, 2009

Wonk Room Pulls the Race Card

Oh, the irony. Sonai Sotomayor is in a woman's only elite group called the Belizean Grove. But instead of concerning with a future member of the Supreme Court doing and saying things along racial and gender identity lines that would be verboten for a white male. There is complete media silence on this, akin to the media's aversion to discussion of Obama's racist pastor friend/mentor Jeremiah Wright. Liberals groups rally around Sonia for SCOTUS, while both reveling in the latina identity politics and ignoring the inherent reverse-bias aspects of her statements and behaviors.

Instead, Wonk Room worries about a journalist who reported on the bad effects of sanctuary city policies. Using the tired old guilt-by-association ploy, they lambaste a journalist for daring to accept an award from the CIS, or Center for Immigration Studies, which they call an 'anti-immigration hate group.'

CIS is definitely NOT an ‘anti-immigration hate group’: They are against illegal immigration and for legal immigration so long as it is reasonably controlled, as position many if not most Americans hold. Here is a welcoming speech Mark Krikorian gave to newly minted naturalized citizens - immigrants. It was a welcome and a tribute from a Grandson of immigrants in the 'melting pot' tradition of Teddy Roosevelt.

Wonk Room sours politics and does it a disservice by phony ad hominems against this group. Nowhere in their article is their any substance to their name-calling.

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