Saturday, June 13, 2009

The Next Generation is more Pro-life

A Poll in 2003 found "[t]he young people are significantly more pro-life than adults." 72% said that abortion is morally wrong. Only 19% believe abortion should be legal in all circumstances. 2009 polling confirms the trend.

There are good reasons for the trend. Life beings at conception - that's a biological fact that the next generation is more aware of than ever before. Thus, you have to be completely ignorant or living under a rock not to realize that abortion kills a living human being.

Women a generation ago were told lies that they were just aborting 'tissue' or that it couldnt feel anything. Maybe they are told those lies in abortion clinics even today, but fewer women will fall for it. Well science moved on - we know now that a fetal heartbeat occurs by week 7, 150 beats a minute, brain function by week 8, REM sleep, ie dreams, in 2nd trimester. Would-be parents can see it first hand now - sonograms of perfectly formed little pre-born babies show fingers, toes, bones, brains, the whole human being inside the womb.

The pill begat the sexual revolution, and the sonogram begat a recognition that the unintended product of sex is indeed a living human being.

The relevent polling questions signalling the trend would be:
1. Do you believe that a fetus in the womb is a living human being?
2. Do you believe that the living human being in the womb should have any rights?
As more people realize that "yes" is the correct answer to #1, more will say "yes" to #2 as well.

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