Friday, June 12, 2009

Dueling Best and Worsts of the Texas Lege Session

Texas Insider’s Best & Worst Legislators for 2009 - included kudos for folks like Senator Steve Ogden (R - Bryan), Senator Royce West (D - Dallas), Representative Carl Isett (R - Lubbock). This list is a bit different from the
Texas Monthly list, with for example Sen Carona on the worst list instead of the best list.

Empower Texans put out their Fiscal Responsibility Index on the legislators, and for them Rep. Christian is the Taxpayer Hero In 81st Session. Michael Sullivan noted that the "top Republicans" in the Texas Monthly's ratings list were rated WORST on the TFR scale ... "The average rating on the Fiscal Responsibility Index of the Texas Monthly "Ten Best" Republicans is a 56.25%. Big-time failing." He summarized by saying "The Texas Monthly Best & Worst lists are little more than a front for a left-wing ideological agendas". That's a similar conclusion to our previous Travis Monitor article: "It's the 10 best and worst from a bunch of liberals' point of view. They may hits some of the targets right, but it still is very biased."

Texas Monthly's Burka responded to Sullivan's taunts, but his doing so ended up making Michael Quinn Sullivan's point. Burka pointed out that he put Senator Carona in the top ten because he was in favor of the local option gas tax, because it was to them the right and courageous position. Time and again they give 'profile in courage' awards to those who are working to increase taxes and spending.

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