Friday, June 5, 2009

Intimidation and dissent-suppression of Christians

Discrimination and oppression of Christians Britain?!? Yup, against people who dare to express certain moral beliefs about marriage. It's just a reminder for those who think gay marriage will be the end-game of the gay activist cause. Oh no, it won't. Dissent-suppression is next.

Will it come to the US? ... No need to ask. The Eagle Has Landed ... in CT:

The Connecticut Office of State Ethics (OSE) is poised to investigate and penalize the Diocese of Bridgeport for having the temerity to exercise at least four of the five sections of the First Amendment (religion, speech, assembly, petition).

The story begins earlier this year when Connecticut State Senator Andrew McDonald proposed legislation (S. 1098) that would have forced the Catholic Church, contrary to the church’s doctrine, to relinquish control of parish finances ... Naturally the church opposed this incursion into its governance and doctrine, with the Bishop urging Catholics to contact their legislators and the Church supporting a mass rally in the state capital. ...

The subtext to all this is that the underlying legislation itself appears to be retaliation for the Church’s opposition to same-sex marriage (Sen. McDonald and lead Connecticut House sponsor Rep. Michael Lawler are both gay).

Way to go, cultural Marxists!

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