Sunday, June 7, 2009

DGA sparks irony alert with demand for job-creating governance

Dem Governors Association are mocking Gov Perry and Gov Sanford for having a phone town hall on fiscal responsibility. This is run-of-the-mill double-standard partisan hypocrisy (if Dem Governors aren't doing these phone town hall doo-hickey events that Presidential candidate Howard Dean pioneered, they would be fools), but the claism to 'create jobs' and 'good governance' are so laughable I had to respond.

We shall see if the DGA web moderators are honest and brave enough to not censor my response:

"Here’s a thought: instead of catering to the extreme right-wing and trying to win a party primary, how about you, I don’t know, create jobs?"

Wow, what a keen sense of irony you've got. Maybe Governor Granholm could give Gov Perry tips on how to double Texas' low unemployment rate and turn it into massive double-digit unemployment like she accomplished. Or maybe gov Patterson could instruct Gov Sanford on how to bankrupt a state treasury. Yeah, maybe they could even have a town hall event - "How to screw up a state Government"... and to be fair, we'll even let Governator Arnold be your special guest speaker on 'how a Democrat lege can refuse to cut spending and help make a fiscal crisis into a shipwreck'.

"Governing well’s harder than appearing on talk shows and posturing for a presidential bid, but it’s what America wants and it’s what America deserves."
Let's see, Obama did the former for the past four years, but that was good then, right? Not bad?
And 'governing well' does that include losing 4 MILLION PRIVATE-SECTOR JOBS in the first 6 months of your administration, and then proposing absolutely ZERO in terms of policies that actually WORK to create private sector jobs? (And no, propping up big Government sector with $2 trillion deficit doesnt count; govt jobs are stable but its private sector jobs that have gotten whacked).

Last I heard , jobs losses are being concentrated on Republican-owned Chrysler dealerships. That would be one way to pass the buck. But it aint no way to govern.

And y'all can visit my blog to see the stunt the Texas Democrats pulled. Killed a legislative session over their opposition to ballot security via reliable IDs for voting. Coming from the land where LBJ stole an elections, thats ... FASCINATING.

The comment got posted.

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