Sunday, June 21, 2009

Socialism by any other name still stinks

"Is socialism really a threat? Not a chance", thus says Joseph Lazzaro, in a column full of trite statements that manage to defy the odds and be more wrong than even random statements. I had to retort:

This column is a pack of lies from an ignoramus trying to lull sheep into sleep. Obama is an anti-pragmatist, he is peddling proven-to-have-failed answers and ignoring better solutions. Obama has zero experience in private sector real-world business and what little he does know he shared in his own bio some antipathy to capitalist free enterprise. The results are telling - 4 million jobs lost since he was elected and no sign, no clue, no hint, no plan of getting them back.

This ignorant columnist thinks Americans are as ignorant as he. Wrong. I lived in England in the 1970s - coal strikes, electricity shortages, inflation and a climbing misery index. Socialism is a prescription for poverty and what Obama is doing is the closest thing to the Euro-socialist failures of the 1970s as the US has ever see. Obama is busting our budget into US bankruptcy, akin to 3rd world countries like Mexico 1980s; . Lets talk numbers: $850 billion pork barrell 'stimulus' bill; $3,800 per family per year in added energy costs from cap-and-trade; $1 trillion price tag on the ObamaCare government-run socialized healthcare plan.

Obama wants to expand programs that dont work, to solve problems that are the creations of govt meddling in the first place. The result will be the destruction of our choices, our freedoms, our prosperity, and economic supremacy in the world. Call it 'socialism' or something else, all this taxing-spending-regulating-meddling NannyStatism would still stink just as much.

If Americans like freedom they need to LOUDLY demand that the Democrats in Congres SLOW DOWN in their attempts to socialize the country.

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Jack Reylan said...

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