Sunday, June 7, 2009

Confessions of an (ex-RINO) Opportunist

Senator Specter confesses his RINO past: "I’m no longer a Republican in name only. I’m again a Democrat." Shapeshifting Specter joined the GOP as a career move in 1965:

...he was a JFK Democrat. He said he stayed in the party until after he won his first elective office — Philadelphia district attorney — on the Republican ticket in 1965 and he enrolled in the GOP after the general election.
Specter's vote for the trillion-dollar Porkulus (aka Stimulus) Bill became a bridge too far for the GOP primary voters in Pennsylvania; they got so sick of his RINO actions they were ready to toss him for conservative and genuine Republican Pat Toomey. To help his career again, he abandoned the GOP. Neither Republican not Democrat, he's an Opportunist.

His speech to the union leaders and Democrats was a post hoc admission that he'd been a RINO all along:
In a speech punctuated frequently by applause, he ticked off a list of issues — increases in the minimum wage, abortion rights, environmental protection, stem-cell research — on which he has voted with the Democrats even though he was a Republican.

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