Friday, June 12, 2009

Government health insurance relabelled "public option"

The Liberal Democrats call it "public option", typical redefining of words to make headway on the issue. It's still a bad idea ...

"government/public option" will destroy private sector insurance very soon after it passes and will push tens of millions of employed and covered Americans from the insurance plans they currently own (and generally like) into the sprawling, top-down, rationing-on-the-sly plan that is just Medicare on steroids, a "public option" that will be just as broke and just as oppressive ...
Obama's still using vague campaign rhetoric to describe the socialization of healthcare that will still will cost $600 billion in new taxes and deny people choice in healthcare down the road.

It's a deception. They want to in the end destroy private insurance.

There is still a better answer. There is a Free Market Choice Alternative.

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Willieh811 said...

We don't need government run health insurance; we need JOBS, just JOBS. We need this government to change 30 years of laws that have resulted in the closing of manufacturing facilities, the destruction of local industries that were allowed to move overseas and "Trading Agreements" that are just that, a permit to ship jobs overseas and close plants in here while allowing the companies to dump these products here, killing whatever little bit we have left.

There are many people that will not be able to pay for any insurance because we don't have jobs. We need a government that looks after the interest of the people and not the interest of corporate lobbying that is now the norm.

If people want to see why they are pushing for this they have to look for the "PORK." I will define PORK as: Politicians Obfuscated Robbery Knowhow. They are right now finding out how to rewrite this health care plan while re-PORKING it so that they can get as much as they can out of it.

Don't give us any health insurance, give us jobs. I have not seen this government doing ONE SINGLE THING RIGHT, NOT ONE.
Please, gives JOB INNSURANCE, New Manufacturing Facilities and a Government for the People not a government for Polosi.