Sunday, June 14, 2009

Jack McDonald & Gettin' in Andy Brown's Facebook

Andy Brown, head of the Travis County Democratic Party, has a public facebook page. It's funny that Democrat Brown's favorite quote is from Republican counterpart, RPT exec director Eric Opiela: "I am sure Jack McDonald will be a formidable opponent." Jack McDonald is a potential Democrat opponent to Congressman McCaul (TX-10) who was getting some hype from DC over his big money-raising, and the quote was from that article. Well ... here's the rest of the quote:

""I'm not worrying every day about how Michael McCaul is going to do," he said. "I am sure Jack McDonald will be a formidable opponent. However, Michael McCaul had just as recently as this past year gone up against a formidable opponent and still won. I expect the same will happen in 2010."
I share Opiela's assessment. I don't buy the hype and don't think the money McDonald will raise. McCaul was mauled by the Obama effect here in Travis in 2008, had a 'formidable opponent' who spent a lot, but McCaul still won with 54% of the vote. 2010 will be better for him. McCaul will win by double digits. This is more a story about how topped-out the Democrats are that they can't

PS. While I commend Brown's open facebook page, I just had to leave a snarky comment on a thread:
"It's a great time to be a Democrat in Texas!" Sure is. It was great how the Democrats in the Texas House chubbed hundreds of bills to death just to stop Voter ID. The best Dem legislator is a do-nothing one! Special session here we come, time to run off to Ardmore again.

UPDATE: My comment was mysteriously removed on Andy Brown's facebook page. C'mon Andy, be a sport! I suspect "friend" requests will go unrequited.

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