Sunday, June 8, 2008

Will Chet Edwards Regret Endorsing Obama?

Chet Edwards Endorsed Obama. So did Mark Strama. So did a lot of liberal Democrats who go around pretending to be moderates in swing and conservative districts. Edwards hides his liberal voting record every time he runs for re-election, and he may have thought Obama was a 'safer' endorsement that going for the polarizing Hillary Clinton. That was before Obama's 20-year association with a radical black liberation theology church became public knowledge. Obama was rated the most liberal member of the Senate in 2007 by the National Journal. Obama is a very liberal candidate, in fact, the most leftwing major party nominee ever.

Obama's life history going back to his socialist Dad and 60s progressive-liberal Mom is one of associations with radicals, leftists; Obama's teen Mentor was Frank Marshall Davis, a Communist. He was endorsed by leftist political parties and even Communists. He attended for 20 years a Black Liberation Theology church and supported hate-spewing radical pastors like Wright and Pfleger, until it got him into hot water and he threw them under the bus (after saying he wouldn't do it). He has expressed elitist
and ultra-liberal views on American values, is naive and weak on foreign policy, is an extremist on abortion and other issues. No-Bama blog has just a taste of what is out there.

The Obama that the media has built up is not the real Obama. There may well be 'buyers remorse' on Obama from some of these endorsers, as Obama's liberal and radical leftwing associations and views gets aired.

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