Sunday, June 1, 2008

Austin City Council Runoff - Vote Galindo

Austin city council place 4 race went into a runoff. Cid Galindo is the better choice for the seat.

1. Galindo is objectively more qualified, with expertise in urban planning. His opponent is against sensible approaches to neighborhood and city development and is knee-jerk anti-growth, even opposing good ideas like mixed-use developments that can improve density and reduce traffic.

2. Austin is considering a horrible and onerous 'point-of-sale mandate' that would cost homeowners thousands when they sell their homes. Galindo is against this regulatory overreach, his opponent favors it.

3. Galindo is shockingly free of the partisan-type endorsements, but instead touts Firefighters, Police, EMS group endorsements, and 3 former mayors, including Bruce Todd. He can be a unifying public servant. His opponent is more the partisan-leftie-moonbat type: "Laura Morrison hates Republicans and actually said so in a recent email. She made us sound as if we were the devil or something." See Prior article.

4. And how could we forget? The Statesman endorsed Morrison in today's paper. What more proof do you need that Galindo is the better choice?

Run-off Election: June 14, 2008
Early Voting: June 2 - 10, 2008
Early Voting locations.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Wow. What a goober. Good thing the overwhelming majority of Austin voters are "shockingly" aware of the reality your blinders don't allow you to see.

And why attack the Statesman? After all, they endorsed GW twice. Surely that level of stupidity is right up your alley....