Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Gotcha, KMT!

Reference the following plank from the 2008 Republican Party of Texas Platform:
Taiwan – We urge full recognition of Taiwan with a “One China, One Taiwan Policy.” Being a long-time ally of the United States as well as an independent and sovereign nation, we call upon the President and the U.S. State Department to strongly support the people of Taiwan.
International Community Radio Taipei (ICRT) transcript of a 6/26/2008 broadcast in Taiwan shown below is evidence that it is a very good thing that in the Republican Party of Texas Platform Taiwan plank shown above there is no mention of the government of Taiwan (but rather of its people) and why the Bush Administration was foolish to think that a Ma Ying-jeou (KMT) Administration in Taiwan would be better for US and Taiwan security than was the Chen Shui-Bian (DPP) Administration.

Note in the quote below from Joseph Wu that when he says "his government" he means the Chen (DPP) Administration.

ICRT MDK 6-26-08

S.L. A Top US Defense Department Official has thrown the onus back on Taiwan for the current US arms sale freeze.

ICRT Washington correspondent Matt Kaye reports…

M.K. Just days after a congressional report charged the US freeze on arms sales to Taiwan is two-years—not six-months-old…Assistant Secretary of Defense for Asia and the Pacific—James Shinn—told the House Armed Services Committee:

Shinn: “I don’t believe that we made a decision to put things in abeyance, this was driven—as far as I understand—by Taiwanese domestic politics.”

Former US Ambassador Harvey Feldman says outgoing Taiwan representative here, Joseph Wu, claims the arms freeze is ‘not the policy of his government’. Feldman says the Ma government only wanted a temporary halt during it’s first round of talks with Beijing, which is now over.

O.C. Matt Kaye, ICRT News, Washington

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