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SBG says "Laura Morrison Spins a Tall-tale of Intrigue"

Laura Morrision wanted to have it both ways - in front of environmental groups, she claimed to 'fully support' Wynn's misguided Climate Protection Plan, which requires draconian cuts in household energy use, and she supported a point-of-sale mandate ordinance in the April 28th News 8 debate; yet now calls it 'deceptive' for her opponent to bring it up!

The Small Business Group has been calling people and telling them: "Did you know that Laura's position on the Green Home program would force homeowners and the elderly to pay untold thousands if they wanted to sell their home?"

Like a stuck pig, it got Morrison in enough of a lather to lambaste the Galindo campaign for it in an email to supporters: "We assured her that the charges [Morrison's support for point-of-sale mandates] were false. As the Austin American Statesman reported in my endorsement on 6/1/08 "Morrison won't support it (point of sale), if there is a negative financial impact on homeowners... Sadly, these deceptive tactics are consistent with his entire campaign where he has continually misrepresented himself, hidden his development interests, and has attempted to hide his Republican affiliation."

Well, now the fangs have come out. Aside from the fact that Morrison thinks bashing of Republicans and developers is de rigeur for a council candidate (how tawdry, how feeble, how liberal), albeit without facts to back up her attacks, she fails to clarify - where does she stand? The Statesman quote is second-hand mush. She only supports it if its good? If she is not for point-of-sale mandates, why did she say she supported them earlier in the campaign? The direct quote from is: "I support it. I support the concept. ...the goal of coming up with a point of sale ordinance." The real issue is where Morrison stands on this and the real deception is her running away from commitments and statements she made in February and April fully in support of this plan!

Small Business Group's Carl Tepper had his own riposte and we are posting it in its entirety below to lay it all out there:

Laura Morrison Spins a Tall-tale of Intrigue to Avoid Telling Homeowners A Straight Story of Her Intentions

Today, Laura Morrison's campaign is relying on the old political ploy of deflection. Rather than own up to her position on the point of sale ordinance, which could cost homeowners thousands of dollars in home repairs and upgrades before they can sell their homes, she is casting baseless accusations and throwing mud.

Attached is an email from her campaign suggesting that we are engaged in deceptive attacks and "underhanded tactics." The only thing underhanded in this campaign is Laura Morrison's position on point of sale, which at worst she's been strongly supporting and at best back-pedal and spin.

The Small Business Group of Austin was clearly identified in the message sent to homeowners. Morrison's email attached even states as much. The Small Business Group has nothing to hide or apologize for in this debate. We are committed to telling the truth about where the candidates stand on this issue.

Yes, seniors should be afraid of what they're planning to do. Laura's supporter's mother should be very afraid (see attached email). It is imperative they know the city is actively considering a policy that would mandate costly repairs before sale (read the Mayor's Climate Protection Plan if you have doubts [the link is below]).

Cid Galindo's position is clear--he has always opposed it. Laura Morrison has supported it--until the political spin started. See for yourself.

Below is just one response to a questionnaire by the Environmental Democrats where she said she "strongly supports" the Mayor's plan. A plan, as clearly indicated in a city of Austin press release and on the city's website, includes a point of sale ordinance and details.

The Small Business Group represents those who cannot afford high priced lobbyists or high priced political consultants like those helping Laura spin her way out of controversy. We will continue to educate homeowners about this issue and we will continue to challenge supporters of point-of-sale or Green Audits. Homeowners deserve more than spin.

Laura's email is attached and the truth is below.

Carl H. Tepper

Small Business Group of Austin




Laura Morrison and Climate Protection:

Ms. Morrison claims that she would not be for Point-of-sale or other dancing maneuver. But below, she strongly testifies that she is for the Mayor’s Climate Protection Plan. Below that, is the mayor’s actual climate protection plan from the city website. It’s pretty clear.

So, did Ms. Morrison misrepresent to Environmental Democrats that she was for the plan, or did she not read the plan, or did she not understand the implications of the plan, or should she be more careful and will she be more careful at City Hall? Read all the way to the bottom.

Laura’s answers to Environmental Democrats Questionaire: http://www.texasenvironmentaldemocrats.org/candidates_environmental_positions.html#acico4

The Mayors Climate Protection Plan is a strong step for the City of Austin and I fully support it. The City is already taking several first steps toward its implementation and for those, it will be critical that the Council and the community monitor and be engaged to ensure continued momentum. The Homes and Buildings component of the plan will require an inclusive stakeholder group to craft recommendations for efficiency improvements at point of sale for existing homes and buildings. During my experience as co-chair of the McMansion Task Force, I learned the importance of Council leadership in focusing the work on finding an effective consensus. As a Council Member, I will carry this lesson forward in working with a stakeholder group in crafting recommendations for the efficiency upgrades. I will support budget allocations to fund the Climate Protection Plan. We have a moral imperative to follow through with this plan, and we can expect a positive return on our investment, where the value we measure includes dollars as well as responsibility to our environment.

Mayor Wynn’s Climate Protection Plan: http://www.ci.austin.tx.us/council/mw_acpp_release.htm

Wynn announces Austin Climate Protection Plan

For Immediate Release
Feb. 7, 2007

Austin Mayor Will Wynn today unveiled an aggressive plan that will set the standard among cities nationwide in the growing campaign to address global warming…


The actual Austin Climate Protection Plan link is below and our section of concern is copied in text and is highlighted in yellow:

Austin Climate Protection Plan



The Austin Climate Protection Plan will make Austin the leading city in the

nation in the fight against global warming. The broad elements of the plan

to reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions include:

Homes and Buildings Plan

Make all new single-family homes zero net-energy capable by 2015.

Increase energy efficiency in all other new construction by 75% by 2015.

Require disclosure of historic energy use, facilitate and require energy

efficiency improvements in existing homes and buildings at point of sale.

Enhance incentives and requirements for Green Building program;

develop “carbon neutral” certification.

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