Friday, June 20, 2008

Who is the Greedy One Now?

Democrat politicians play the greed card very well. They claim that the Republicans are controlled by greedy corporations, oil companies, and CEO's. These same liberals claim that these same companies and individually are intentionally taking money from the poor and middle classes to pad their own pockets. There are two examples that show the government bureaucracies are the actual greedy ones.

Example #1:

Democrats are blasting the oil companies for making windfall profits. Democrats desire to impose even higher taxes on the profit margins of oil companies and many of these liberals even desire to nationalize the oil refineries.

In looking at this from a practical level, oil companies make about 25 cents profit off of each gallon of gasoline sold in this country. This profit is put back into the company to make more efficient gasoline, create new and more efficient ways to drill for oil, and develop other new technologies. This is earned profit.

On that same gallon of gasoline, the government in Texas makes 44 cents of profit in the form of taxes. The state government makes 23 cents per gallon and the federal government makes 21 cents. This tax is not earned income as the government has done nothing to earn this money...they just levied a tax on an item we cannot do without.

So, the liberals are calling out the "price gouging" oil companies for making too much profit while the tax policies these same liberals uphold actually generate more revenue for the government on the same gallon of gasoline. The real price gouging is going on by our own government.

Example #2:

Liberals are also continue to bring up the mortgage lending crisis in this country. With the latest scandal involving Countrywide Mortgage, it is easy to think that lending companies are working to hurt the consumer.

The bigger problem in Texas, as pointed out by the Texas Conservative Coalition, is not the so called "predatory lenders," it is in fact high property taxes. Property taxes account for about 1/3 of the mortgage payment per month. With appraisals rapidly increasing and hungry local governments raising taxes, the property taxes make up an increasingly larger percentage of a person's mortgage each month.

If liberals really wanted to make homes more affordable, they will work to lower the tax burden on Texans by cutting property taxes, capping appraisals, and reducing state spending instead of attacking lending companies.

Liberals consistently put their hope in mis-guided places. The growth of big government is hurting Texas taxpayers more than any corporation ever could. It is time for Republicans to investigate greedy big governments before bureaucrats put hardworking Texans out to pasture.

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