Monday, June 23, 2008

What the Republican candidates need to do

Now is not the time for Republican and conservative complacency. Yet there is little of that among folks in the know. Nor is it the time for despair, and it seems many have moved on to 'bargaining' down to an expected bad outcome. How we might survive an Obama/Democrat majority, for example.

That's a wrong attitude and gives ground that ought not be given. We ought not be praising Obama's "achievement", which consists mainly of being the least qualified Presidential nominee in a generation or more. Obama is an elitist, zero accomplishment, leftwing junior Senator, rated the most liberal Senator in the U.S.Senate by National Journal. He manages to be all things to everyone through acts of politically calculated cowardice, such as voting present; he broke his campaign finance promise, flipflopped on FISA, has dissembled and waffled on Iraq, been a dnagerous tax-hiker, and is weak and naive on the war on terror.

The Democrats have had a good run not because of what they are, but because Republicans lost independents over spending, Iraq and corruption. We should be challenging the voters who give Congress a mere 12% rating to consider that the Democrats are the ones in charge there. The Democrats have a universal solution to everything: Raise taxes. They are incapable of controlling spending. They are incompetent at getting things done; they are abusing hearings for partisan posturing; they are doing nothing to solve our economic and energy issues, but instead the Democrats propose bills that makes it all worse.

Republicans cannot win if they don't bring these issue up and hammer them home. Those who counsel against 'going after the Democrats' are wrong. The media is giving Obama a free ride, and the consequence is that a leftwing inexperience Senator with radical extremist associates is viewed as far more centrist than he is. (See No-bama blog for the real Obama record.) Yet it is true that it won't be enough. You cannot fight bad idea with no ideas. The Republicans need a unified and coherent positive message of reform for the 21st century.

Which is why the offshore drilling issue is a breath of fresh air. Finally, the Republicans have gotten together on something and said "This is the right thing to do". The Democrats won't go along, as they are in hock to the environmentalist special interests. But thanks to high gas prices, people are coming around to the view that it makes sense to drill.

McCain could win by 20 points if he got up there and said:

“I am not running for President to be something, I am running to *do* something. I will face the security, economic and energy and environmental challenges we face head-on.

There are 3 large concerns in this election: What do we do about Iraq and the war on terror, what do we do about the economy, and what do we do about energy and the environment.

I will complete the mission in Iraq and to win decisively in Afghanistan and bring the American troops home with honor.

I will move to restrain govt spending, shore up the dollar and make permanent previous tax reductions so the workers and investors have a certain future and we will have once again a strongly growing economy.

I will move to get America past our overuse of foreign oil by moving to great use of domestic energy and non-fossil fuel energy, to open up America to increase domestic energy supply through environmentally responsible energy production, energy efficiency, and greater use of nuclear and renewable energy and

These are challenging goals, but I intend to complete them all in one term. And for that reason I will tell you now that I will only seek one term. For if I am able to complete these tasks in one term, I wont need another term. And if I am unable to complete the mission, then I dont deserve it.”

I have served this nation in different capacities my entire life. Like my father before me and my sons after me, part of this service was in the military. I will consider it my top priority as President, as commander in chief, to do the right thing for those in the field, to lead them to honorable victory and to lead them home when the mission is won.”

McCain will need a Republican Congress to be most effective, and that requires the almost insurmountable tasks of large gains for the GOP in 2008. But if McCain strikes the theme of wanting to serve to reform as opposed to gaining power based on the blank check of 'change', he will win.

McCain/Sanford 2008!


Anonymous said...

Okay, but McCain isn't saying any of that.

And we should be able to talk about the things he already says that we agree with. What are those things?

Most of this post is concerned with saying what is wrong with Barack Obama, and no Republican can refute any of it (and in fact, we can list even more reasons why he'd be a disaster as president). But what can we say about McCain that is absolutely irrefutable, about why he would be the best possible choice for president in November?

McCain needs more than just a Republican Congress. He needs to take the lead, NOW, as the conservative Republican choice for the presidency.

We can't keep making up "wish" statements that he has never made.

Anonymous said...

I will have a followup post on your fair questions.

McCain of course is not a perfect fit for conservatives, I dont think he is doing enough, hence my "heres what he needs to do" point, but there are several specific things he does bring to the table, on judges, taxes, spending, energy, Iraq and war on terror, that make him someone we can vote FOR.

Will follow up in a post.