Friday, June 6, 2008

Climate Bill Collapses and Dies in Senate

From Senator Inhofe's EPW site, Roundup on the collapse of the Senate Climate Bill, which failed a cloture vote 48-36 and then was pulled: ‘Global Warming Mad House’ – ‘Agenda in Collapse’ – ‘Foibles and Follies’ Exposed.

The good news here is that the Senate Democrats could withstand only three days of debate on this hugely costly Enron style cap-and-tax-and-regulate-and-redistribute bill, the Republicans were eager for mre debate to expose the bills flaws, and Ried pulled the bill to reduce further political damage. Boxer's 'amendment' was exposed as a monstrosity when Senate Republicans required a full reading of the 490 page amendment as a protest to broken Democratic promises over Judicial nominees. Politico: "The legislation collapsed for a variety of reasons, not the least of which was the poor timing of debating a bill predicted to increase energy costs while much of the country is focused on $4-a-gallon gas."

Good riddance. For now. The clamor that "we must do something about climate change" will continue for another try next year, and voters should be put on notice that all but a handful of Democrats were voting for a multi-trillion dollar attack on the energy and industrial sectors of the American economy. Yes we will need to do something about the climate long-term (and see my previous post for a brilliant way to figure out when we should act), but this farcical bill is neither necessary nor sufficient to the task.

Senator Inhofe's statement on the Climate Bill and its demise

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