Tuesday, June 3, 2008

The New Kuomintang (KMT) of Taiwan - Big Goverment Liberals

As conservative Republicans we rightly complain about the excesses of big government liberals, whether they be Democrat or Republican. But the Obama of Taiwan (President Ma Ying-jeou) and his Kuomintang Mandarins are set to make American liberals look like members of the Grace Commission's Citizens Against Government Waste and Ron Paul activists, by comparison.

Government to boost middle class: Liu

LEGISLATIVE REPORT: The premier briefed lawmakers on his agenda, but not until apologizing for the surprise fuel price hike announcement

By Flora Wang
Saturday, May 31, 2008, Page 3

Premier Liu Chao-shiuan (劉兆玄) yesterday promised to recreate a solid middle class by boosting the econo “Taiwan was renowned for its ‘economic miracle’ in the past. Back then, the economy was vibrant. Taiwan’s wealth was said to be ankle deep, while people had numerous opportunities to become rich,” Liu said in his first administrative report to the legislature.

“The solid middle class became the force to stabilize the society, but over the past several years, the suicide and unemployment rates hit a new high while the gap between the rich and the poor continued to widen,” he said.

So the Cabinet’s main goal was to recreate the prosperity of the middle class by reviving the economy and reducing the unemployment rate so that many people will be able to increase their income, he said.

Liu said he expected the Cabinet to prioritize financial issues in the face of keen international competition as well as take care of other aspect of people’s lives.

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Anonymous said...

Hey man,

Let me set the record straight:

1) Small typo--it's Kuomintang, not Koumingtang, or KMT for short.

2) Funny thing about the KMT is in Taiwan, they're the conservatives! The DPP is liberal, but they're more wary of government because the KMT used to run the place with an iron hand with everything from control of media and education to maintaining large domestic spy networks and paying off the local gangsters to handle hits on democracy activists. I guess it would be to correct to say the DPP is liberal, but to an extent, libertarian as well.

Anonymous said...

Excuse, but just because the liberal MSM mis-labels one group in a foreign land 'conservatives' doesnt make them recognizably comparable to American conservatives. KMT is pro-China, DPP is pro-independence, that is the main difference. KMT's one-party rule past is the other. All JMHO.

"Run the place with an iron hand with everything from control of media and education to maintaining large domestic spy networks and paying off the local gangsters to handle hits on democracy activists."
Sounds exactly like what castro-wannabe Hugo Chavez is setting up to do.

Freedom Ain't Free said...

Thanks, Anonymous for catching the typo. If you knew me you would say that I should have known better considering my activism in matters Taiwanese.

As Freedom’s Truth said, Liberal and Conservative over there ain't the same as they are over here. The KMT certainly ruled with an iron fist and were promoters of nationalism in more ways than just Chinese identity (i.e. nationalized or state-run Oil, print Media, Radio, Tobacco (remember 228) & Liquor, Power, Telecom etc., etc., etc.)

According to a 1997 paper titled "The KMT Party's Enterprises in Taiwan" by Dianqing Xu (published in Modern Asian Studies, Vol. 31, No. 2 (May, 1997), pp. 399-413) there were some 1000 state-run enterprises extant in Taiwan at that time. That said there were some 720,000 private-run enterprises (most very small), but the 1000 state-run enterprises were large monopolies that affected the livelihood of everyone in Taiwan. I’m not sure how far the DDP went in privatizing these state-run enterprizes. I do know that Taiwan has nationalized its health care industry but I don’t know if that was under the KMT or the DPP.

Another relevant paper is "Democratizing the Quasi-Leninist Regime in Taiwan" by Tun-Jen Cheng (published in the journal, World Politics, Vol. 41, No. 4, July 1989), pp. 471-499). This paper was published two years after the end of Marshall Law in Taiwan.

It seems to me that the New KMT may be set to turn back the clock a bit regarding the reforms brought about by the DPP. I understand Ma has already removed Taiwan from the written name of the country in Chinese. What will his next move be, nationalize the high tech industry?...Maybe I should sell my shares in TSMC.

Lily Bradberry said...

As Taiwanese, I believe we do have a bigger government than US because we tend to listen and obey the rulers. However, no matter how big or liberal DPP may seem to be, no one can compare its power with KMT. KMT has the loyal group which receives special benefits from the government system it sets up--- no tax, cheap health plan, profitable retirement plan, discount on all bills paid, and etc. Do you like the government to tell you what to wear, what to drive, and carry a handkerchief? Believe it or not, this is exactly what Green-card Ma is doing in Taiwan. Don't be fooled by KMT's anti-communism label, it is only used to fool Americans and the world. If the US government use the old stereotype to deal with KMT, it is doomed to be trapped this time by both the Communist China and the Nationalist China.