Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Travis Monitor Stops Immigration Bill!

Guess who visited our blog last Thursday? Weblog stats showed a visit to our humble blog from the U.S. Senate, which was followed later on Thursday by the collapse of the legislation in a failed Senate cloture vote. Coincidence? We'd like to think there was a connection.

No, our efforts did not stop the bill alone, Travis Monitor was but a drop in an

ocean of citizen discontent that boiled over and hit the Senators considering this misguided bill. In many ways, the last few weeks show the power of new media and grassroots activism once again. No major media outlet publicized the bills flaws - they are still boosting amnesty.

Yet it's not over yet. President Bush is trying to revive the bill, ingoring the obvious colalteral political damage and the many flaws in the bill. The price of liberty continues to be eternal vigilance.

PS. From the grapevine: "I just got an email from the anti-immigration activist Roy Beck. He says that Mitch McConnell has yielded to GWB, and last Thursday’s “victory” was nothing of the sort. The sellout continues."


Freedom Ain't Free said...
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Freedom Ain't Free said...

I hate to admit it, but I must confess that I've got that sinking feeling.

According to Beck,

"Lawmakers are being told that they must agree to vote for cloture on the amnesty in exchange for a chance to have some favorite amendments brought up OR they will lose a chance to "sit at the table" in final fashioning of this bill.

A senior GOP leadership aide confirmed that anti-amnesty Republicans are being told by Party leadership that they need to get on board if they want to remain relevant."

EXCUSE ME. They need to "get on board" if they wish to remain relevant? In other words, they need to get with the plan to thwart the demonstrated will of at least two-thirds of the American people?

Seems to me that they need instead to get with the program of passing only legislation which will protect the rule of law in America. That would be to kill Amnesty for good. Eternal death to Amnesty for illegals!

Now that is a plan that all Americans and legal residence of this great land can live with.