Thursday, June 14, 2007

China Complains of Purported American Invaders

Hundreds, perhaps thousand, of uninvited guests (shall we call them illegal immigrants?) from the US have stowed away in agricultural containers shipped to China. Will the Chinese deport them, grant them amnesty, or perhaps execute them?

Details to follow.

(I continue, 27 hrs later)

Who are these immigrants?.............They're ANTS!

Yes, those critters portrayed in
Antz, the 1998 animated film by DreamWorks SKG.

Antz re-contextualizes the 'search for individuality' theme into, of all places, an ant colony, where its members' societal roles are rigidly determined at birth, wrote one reviewer.

Apparently Z, who was bemoaning his feelings of insignificance as a middle-child in a 'family of five million', when he first appeared on the big screen, has fallen for all the hype about Chinatopia (the fabled land of great expectations) and has, along with a substantial following, hitched a ride in some crates of pistachios destined for China.

What happened when some of the crates were unloaded is a bit disturbing (from Z's perspective). It seems that the Chinese did not find the presence of Z and his fellow ants a good omen. They declared the entire shipment of
pistachios ruined by the presence of the invaders. It essence they declared the presence of ants in the pistachio shipment a grave violation of China's strict food safety standards.

I'm afraid to report that Z could likely be dead, along with many if not all of his fellow travelers. There was no place to hide from the Chinese border control officials. Sanitary workers donning face masks, reportedly did the deed.
They destroyed part of the offloaded crates and deported the unloaded ones back to the US, according to this report on the NASDAQ web site:

China Central Television said the ants found in the pistachio shipment could "cause a serious threat to trees and to the ecological environment." Part of the batch, which arrived by ship to the port of Zhongshan, will be destroyed and the rest will be returned, CCTV said, without giving any other details.

Some reports indicate that the ants may in fact be termites, which would mean, thank heaven, that it was not Z at all, but the enemy termites, that bit the dust.

The truth of the matter is that the Chinese, smarting from accusations of exporting to the West poison drug and food products for pets and people are itching to take a retalitory strike against the trade partners levying the accusations, if for no other reason than to save face (one of the sacred rituals of East Asia). "Whatever the motives are for this, if it's real, we want to know about it," said David Acheson, assistant commissioner for food protection at the FDA."

But WAIT. I think Z got his destination all mixed up. Chinatopia is a Chinese restaurant in South Florida.


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