Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Taxpayer Funded Abortions

All those 1970s things are coming back - We have a Jimmy Carter in the White House, high priced oil, environmental lunacy, and ... Taxpayer funded abortions.

On the local scene - Travis County's so-called Hospital district wants to spend taxpayer money on contracts with abortion providers. he governing board of managers will have a special meeting on Thursday, Dec. 10. At the meeting the board will vote on proposed contracts with three local abortion providers to use $450,000 in property taxes to pay for approximately 1,000 abortions for the next 12 months. They will decide on funding three abortion providers for non-medically necessary abortions on healthy unborn babies: Planned Parenthood at 201 E. Ben White Blvd., Whole Women's Health at 8401 N. IH 35, and Austin Women's Health Center at 1902 S. IH 35.
Texas Alliance for Life is tracking this issue. If you want to send a message to the nine members of the Board of Managers: Contact them here.

On the national scene - Senate Democrats defeated a measure to bar funding for abortion in the Obama/Reid Healthcare bill. The Nelson Amendment was defeated 54/45. Thanks to the Hyde Amendment of 20 years ago, we have for the past two decades avoided spending Federal dollars on abortions. That may end. Democrats are working to schmooze out a few more votes by relabelling public option. It's still over-expensive, over-regulatory, kills jobs, and harms the existing healthcare system... which means there is unfortunately a better than 50/50 chance the Democrats will all support it.

Taxpayer funded abortions, job-killing Democrats and a lousy economy. Oh joy. Bring out your bell bottoms and disco balls and party like its 1979.

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