Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Travis County Health Board Funds The Execution of 1000 Poorest

Last Thursday night (Dec. 10) the Travis County Healthcare District Board voted to fund the execution of 1000 of the County’s poorest. These humans are so poor they don’t have jobs, they don’t own a house or a car, and they don’t even own any clothes. The only thing they have is their lives and the County is paying to take that away. These, of course, are the preborn. In spite of testimony that they are living human beings, in spite of testimony that abortion hurts the mother as well as killing a baby, in spite of testimony by a father who had his fourth child aborted and now suffers from guilt every day, in spite of testimony that there are many alternative agencies to help women during and after a pregnancy, and in spite of receiving a petition with 10,000 signatures asking them not to fund abortions. In spite of all this testimony the Board unanimously voted to fund the execution of 1000 healthy babies and to condemn their mothers to a life time of guilt. The Board decided to ignore its stated purpose of providing health care for the County’s poorest and instead decided to hasten the death of 1000 health humans.
It is obvious that no one on this Board understands the value of human life. The citizens of Travis County should demand the replacement of all the Board members.

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Jim Spiers said...

I agree!