Saturday, December 26, 2009

That river we just crossed

In Cross the river, burn the bridge, Mark Steyn says "“health care” is the fast-track to a permanent left-of-center political culture":

My Republican friends often seem to miss the point in this debate: The so-called “public option” is not Page 3,079, Section (f), Clause VII. The entire bill is a public option — because that’s where it leads, remorselessly. The so-called “death panel” is not Page 2,721, Paragraph 19, Sub-section (d), but again the entire bill — because it inserts the power of the state between you and your doctor, and in effect assumes jurisdiction over your body. As the savvier Dems have always known, once you’ve crossed the Rubicon, you can endlessly re-reform your health reform until the end of time, and all the stuff you didn’t get this go-round will fall into place, and very quickly.

Will it lead to Government-run, single-payer? DU, hot off Senate vote, today wants to destroy the private health insurance industry.

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