Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Todd Herman and TechRepublican At PDF 2009

Personal Democracy Forum or PDF is a Forum about how the internet and social media impacts politics and vice versa. It bills itself as "the world's largest and best known conference on the intersection of technology and politics." They just held their 2009 forum.

Some TechRepublican blog posts on the forum: 5 Things I Learned at PDF from Joe Mansour, including how the Pickens Plan recruited 1.5 million volunteers in 8 months.Todd Herman (from RNC) discusses GOPs next steps in web development. "45 days" to relaunch on Which notes:

Despite the Dem’s recent success in using the internet, Republicans as a whole (68%) are actually more likely to be online political users then Dem’s (53%). 84% of Republicans go online and of that group 79% are online political users. Only 40% of Republicans engage in online activism. (Online activism is defined by three components; 1) going online for political news and information 2) communicating with others about politics online and 3) using social media tools (FBOOK, Twitter, Email) to interact with other voters/campaigns.)”
Wait a sec - only 40% of Republicans? That actually sounds huge, it could mean 32,000 Republican online activists in Travis alone. Republicans need facebook but maybe they need MySpace too to reach the 'other half' of social media consumers.

PS. Rick Perry does social media. New twitter slogan - "So easy, an Aggie can do it!"

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