Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Needed - The Braveheart Spirit

Rick Moran helped answer a question/dilemma I was faced with when looking at this data. It caused me to pen this reply:

Conservatives up, Republicans down 40% of Americans are conservative (good) yet 4 of 10 Republicans are unfavorable on their own party … wassup with that?
You’ve added the puzzle piece. As per #7, WE LACK LEADERSHIP. And what the leadership lacks is that “Braveheart” spirit - they are like those Scottish nobles trying to cut deals with the English King for their own hides, while the TEA-Partying rabble want someone who will FIGHT!

It’s not unhelpful to know where you stand, but it is pointless to bemoan it rather than change it. It’s not the snarling that we need, but the “Dont give up” DETERMINATION TO MAKE OUR VOICES MATTER. Because ultimately I give a damn about this country because I’ve got some kids who may just grow up into a pathetic backwater country because our first black President put us in hock to the Chinese in his quest to destroy coal power plants and private health insurance. We need a Churchillian response to Obama’s threats to our liberty and prosperity, not a Neville Chamberlain at Munich response. Fight on the cap-and-trade, fight on the budget, fight on ObamaCare, fight on Gitmo, fight on Sotomayor, fight them whereever they try to regulate, tax, spend, and undermine our American values, individualism and freedom.

It’s not so much 300 Yockey’s, but instead of waiting for the ‘next Reagan’ while clutching the martinis and muttering how all is lost, realize that we have among us 10,000 Reagans ready to take on the Obama-borg. We are the solution, the 40% of American that self-admits to being ‘conservative’ and the MAJORITY of Americans who want less Government not more. We have to fight to make our solutions a win or we’ll end up as precipitate, to coin a chemical analogy.

We need a virtue that conservatives of all people should not neglect. … as Dan Rather put it …. COURAGE! Cue the Braveheart theme, Bill Murray’s “Stripes” speech, or whatever it takes. Time to “Man Up” and head for the sound of political gunfire. Damn the torpedoes, full speed ahead!

Freedom is dying here in our land, our home. What will you do to defend your home and loved ones from the Tyranny that has come to these United States? Will you become their slave? Will you cower, fearfully in the shadows? Or will you stand. What will you do?

PS. It's normal for the party out of power to lack one unifying leader. That's fine, because what we need is not one Reagan, but 10,000 Reagans.

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