Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Second Stimulus?

Having a trillion dollar boondoggle spending plan and calling it 'stimulus' is like hitting your head with a hammer and calling it an aspirin. A second stimulus is like hitting yourself in the head with a hammer a second time because the first time really hurt.

The first stimulus has not helped the economy, and Obama is in a tough position and he is losing popularity.

President Obama, the "more cowbell" of American Liberalism, is adopting the Liberal strategy of taking EVERY liberal idea on at once without a care for the cost or whether it works. Cook the books to get the dreck passed, then plead ignorance when it goes awry with the lame "it's worse than we forecasted" (no, you are MAKING it worse!), and move the goalposts. And as the economy circles the drain, tax-and-spend-and-regulate yet more. It's mindless, dumb liberal-lemming-ism. Is there any other?

The calls for another stimulus are an implicit acknowledgement of the failures of President Obama and the Democrats on the first stimulus - It Isn't Working. So the Democrats will have a hard time convincing themselves a second stimulus is a good idea. But the problem is that it isn't working because Big Govt Spending never was and never is real stimulus. At best, it shifts some activity around, in the margins. At worst, it fritters away wealth into useless 'economic activity' that helps statistics but doesnt create long-term economic growth. A dozen 'stimulus' bills would fail as badly.

At least the people oppose a second stimulus and are wary of Democratic agenda items: "The $787 billion stimulus package, the cap-and-trade bill's utility rate increases, the public health insurance package -- all these seem to generate more apprehension than enthusiasm. So does the prospect of doubling the national debt, as the Congressional Budget Office estimates, from about 40 percent of gross domestic product to about 80 percent." They are smartening up enough to see through the charade.

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