Thursday, July 2, 2009

TCR: Double Standard For Harris County Republican Office Holders GOP

TCR latest article: Double Standard For Harris County Republican Office Holders:

In the media it's déjà vu all over again with the 2010 elections coming soon, we now have an attempt to replay the themes of the 2008 election cycle. The Houston major media never misses an opportunity to rip Republicans, while Democrats operating similarly are left alone. The recent story of alleged voter registration irregularities continues and now an assistant to Tax-Assessor Collector Leo Vasquez is attacked because on his own time he sells voter lists, while at the same time one county-wide Democratic office holder employs a well known Democratic consultant, and another one has an experienced political operative on the payroll. So do we have a double standard? Seems so.
TCR Comment: What's the big deal? One thing's for sure, don't criticize one side and let the other off the hook.

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