Wednesday, May 28, 2008

It's time for substantive CHANGE to US Energy Policy

The time has come to say NO to those who would have America continue to be the slave of the foreign oil barons/dictators of this world. Let's resolve to lift our voices and pens to the words

Drill Here! Drill Now! Pay Less!
and to overturn all laws and defeat any bill and every politician which stand in the way of energy independence for this great Nation.


Anonymous said...

Absolutely! I am thinking that this July 4th, we need to declare energy independence.

When we had cheap oil, we got away with the do-nothing approach: Drill nothing domestically, and do nothing about conservation and alternatives. There is nothing that stops us from doing BOTH. We have already raised CAFE standards, we have tax credits for hybrids, and w e encourage alternatives.

Democrats propose subsidies on alternatives and conservation yet oppose unlocking the $10 trillion worth of oil and the $100 trillion worth of other energy resources (*) available to us.

(*) The 15 billion barrels in ANWR and ~70 billion barrels equiv of oil and gas offshore USA is worth $10 trillion. I have estimated that the 'nuclear waste' inventory that we hold, if used in fast reactors, could produce $50 trillion (at 5c/KWh) of electricity. Likewise, the recoverable oil shale of about 400 billion barrels is $50 trillion.

We need to use our own resources for a variety of reasons both economic and strategic, and DRILL NOW and DRILL HERE is a good way to express it.

Randy A. Samuelson said...

Remember, the "windfall profits" that oil companies make go back into the business, which allows for more research and development of cleaner burning gas, new refineries that are more cost effective, alternative energy sources (what I would give to have the little semiconductor that Ironman has!), and all sorts of other things that the experts in the energy field think up. All of the new engineering and research will not be done by the regulators at the EPA, it will be done by the engineers at Shell, Exxon, and BP.

With oil prices high, it is now cost-effective to explore and tap into known oil reserves to increase the supply of gasoline. Let's get after it so we can achieve our energy independence!