Saturday, May 31, 2008

The Network Behind the Sellout

McClellan got his Thirty Pieces of Silver to sellout the Bush administration. Novak calls it McClellan's revenge for getting (deservedly) fired in 2006. Now he writes a book lamenting too much PR in the White House, which is strange because when McClellan was their spokesman, the truth was their PR was pathetic. McClellan was another example of Bush's misplaced loyalty, who disserved Bush then by not adequately responding to unfair attacks on the Bush administration, and who disserves Americans now by failing to explain his own failures and actions and instead follows a script written for him by the left - a script with nothing new in it.

O'Reilly has his number. The sellout was scripted because McClellan was forced by the publisher to be that

McClellan knows that in April of 2007, he appeared on Bill Maher's program still supporting the Iraq action. On that show, former Sen. Bill Bradley actually got annoyed with McClellan for his hawkish stance.
McClellan's former boss, Ari Fleischer, says that Scott confessed to him that the publisher, Public Affairs, made him "revise" some of the book, putting in more negative stuff about Bush. If that's true, it makes sense. Few people these days are in the mood to read anything good about the president.

The real story here is that the network behind McClellan's book is the far left, the same far left crowd that is behind Barack Obama, and that the media buildup is really about the political asperations and attitudes of the liberal media today. It's a "Make Obama Win" book that Democrats are already using in fundraising appeals.
McClellan in 2007 intended to defend Bush and attack media - "Reading through McClellan's original book proposal, obtained by, it is clear that before his editor Peter Osnos took the book on a sharp leftward turn, McClellan wanted to turn the tables on foes in the press gallery including far-left columnist Helen Thomas and NBC correspondent David Gregory." - but that story wouldn't get a publisher. So the leftwing publisher got the book they wanted.
McClellan stayed ignorant on Plame affair says Novak, ignoring that Richard Armitage was the source of the Plame leak and keeping to the left-wing script on the matter to blame Rove, who neither was the source of the leak nor lied to either McClellan or the grand jury about it.

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