Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Why Palin Drives the Left Crazy

This article statement struck a nerve:

The liberal base of the Democratic party detests Palin in a visceral way.

I find this an interesting fact, perhaps one of the most interesting in this race. Consider that, on the surface, what is there to get exercised over. A young, reforming Governor, with a great family and a few interesting biographical points. What's the big deal? Why does Palin stir up emotions, positive for most and negative and crazy for a few?

Is it the fact that no matter WHO McCain picked, the left would get furious and turn them into the next "Dick Cheney"? I was convinced we would see that with Romney, for example. Maybe, but I don't recall Cheney being such a lightning rod in 2000. There's something about Sarah. So why do the Leftists hate Sarah Palin so much?

I think it is simple: PREJUDICE. Sarah Palin doesn't so much represent the views that liberals and left-wingers despise. It's hitting the nerve that some of call Liberal elitism. Sarah Palin represents the very people that leftists wish would not exist and werent around to 'screw up' the glorious rise of leftism:

  • Christian fundamentalists
  • Women who are conservatives
  • Prolife and pro-traditional-family women (an existential poleax threat to feminist minset)
  • Hunters and gunowners
  • The 'small town clingers'
  • "Rednecks"

Sarah Palin only MAKES IT WORSE by having a hubby with Eskimo blood. Why is such a family off the liberal 'reservation'? Her husband being in a union makes it worse - how DARE such men vote against their 'class interest'!

We last saw this kind of ugly behavior when Clarence Thomas was nominated. In kind of a bizarro-world twist, conservative glass ceiling breakers threaten the liberals far more than white male ones do. After all, a white male oil man Cheney fits perfectly in with the world view of a liberal. A working Mom who happens to want to drill ANWR does not. These trailblazers pose such a threat to the liberal worldview that they can only respond by going crazy.

Palin is a Bizarro Obama. Instead of stroking all the left-zones (Harvard, community organizer, mixed race who grew up in Indonesia - how multi-culti diverse!, author!) she strokes the right-wing zones (Christian Mom, hunter, and a son in the army) even though her popular and populist governance could hardly be said to be extreme. She's a good, reforming, center-right Governor.

Palin is a test for the left. Can they tolerate a glass-ceiling breaking icon ... on the right? The Left hates the fact that a conservative icon could dare exist. So far, the left has failed the test with screaming, crazy colors.

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