Saturday, October 27, 2012

Adan Ballesteros Does it Again

I often do things backwards. Something catches my eye and I follow the trail back to the source to get to the truth of the matter.  But sometimes prior experience helps me to jump to the correct conclusion without taking the time to follow the string.  Well, this time I still followed the string just to prove that the conclusion I jumped to is factually supported.

So, what caught my eye, you ask?  It was a 6" x 9" card that came in the mail yesterday attacking Toby Miller, candidate for Travis County Precinct 2 Constable, addressed to the most inexperienced voter in my household.  It only took me a few seconds to determine that the two-sided black and white card was a bunch of lies and misleading out of context information.  It took me a bit longer to follow the string back to the source.

It was déjà vu all over again as I had seen the same type hit piece sent out about this time (very late) in the election cycle in 2008 when Bob Vann was running for re-election.  I'm motivated by my memory of the late Bob Vann, the last very decent and honorable Precinct 2 Constable in Travis County, to get this story out.  Bob was a good man and did not deserve the personal attack that Adan Ballesteros, thru the Central Texas Constables PAC, made against him in 2008.  It is high time Adan Ballesteros paid the political price for his despicable campaign tactics.  It's time for him to be defeated.

The Central Texas Constables PAC (Precinct 3 Deputy Constable Stacy Suits, Treasurer) put out the smear piece on Toby Miller.  I don't wish to share the mailer with you but if you live in Travis County Constable Precinct 2, you may also have seen it.  The mail piece is obviously misleading, to say the least.  It makes partial use of information in the stories linked below (the links are pretty much to the same story - I've just exhaustively listed all I could find).  The truth is, Toby Miller was the "whistle blower", not the perpetrator, in the Jonestown alternative energy fraud case.

I recall hearing Stacy Suits's name from Bob Vann back in 2008.  As of the last semiannual ethics report filed for Central Texas Constables Political Action Committee on July 15th, 2012, Stacy Suits is listed as the treasurer and sole contributor of $6122.41 on 05/21/2012 (paid out $975 to Austin Chronicle and $5,147.41 to Quik Print, 8311 Shoal Creek, Austin, TX 78757, on that same day).  Where did that money come from?  I can't see how Deputy Suits could have contribute it from his own funds.

The purpose of the PAC, as file in the July 2012 semiannual report is listed as follows:

Greg Hamilton for Travis County Sheriff
Click here for the Ethics Report filing.

On 08/06/2008 Stacy Suits contributed $450 to this PAC; and on 10/09/2008 the Adan Ballesteros for Constable Campaign contributed $6,825.00 to this PAC.

The purpose of the PAC at the time of the ethics report filed for the period ending before the 2008 General Election was as follows:

Richard McCain for Travis County Constable Pct 3
Opposed: Bob Vann for Travis County Constable Pct 2
Click here for the Ethics Report filing.

After bringing this matter up to Toby Miller, I learned that he has addressed the issue (of both the Jonestown case and the potential for the very attack piece that I've discussed herein) on his web site.  Click here to read Toby's explanation of the Jonestown case and here to read about all his disclosed organizations and affiliations.

Stacy Suits, real estate agent and former Travis County Sheriff candidate is deputy constable in Precinct 3. I found this video of him addressing the Travis County Commissioner's Court in 2010.

If you live in Travis County Constable Precinct 2, vote Toby Miller for Constable and share this information with other voters in the Precinct.