Saturday, August 27, 2011

Robert Morrow: Perry hater; Ron Paul lover; a Libertarian, not a Republican

If you're a political junkie who feels obligated to take an objective look at the political landscape, who tends to make up your own mind about candidates and issues, who counts yourself among the political Bereans that were "of more noble character than the Thessalonians, for they received the message with great eagerness and examined the Scriptures every day to see if what Paul said was true," you really don't appreciate political terrorists masquerading as grass roots activist whose slash and burn tactics promote anything but truth. Though some of them claim the high moral ground on the right, these revolutionaries use leftist tactics such as Saul Alinsky's Rules for Radicals and the politics of personal destruction to attack their targets and achieve their political and social objectives. In the process they pollute the airways, cable news services, email inboxes, Internet websites, pod casts, social media sites and print media with unsubstantiated accusations, half truths, conspiracy theories, and flat out lies, making Bereans' quest for the truth all the more difficult and daunting.

Meet political terrorist, Robert Morrow, hater of so-called establishment Republicans such as Rick Perry, and lover of Ron Paul, Debra Medina, many who claim the banner of personal liberty and anyone who will embrace Morrow's own personal brand of liberty (that, for Morrow, apparently includes exploitation of women as sexual objects), and his own conspiratorial thinking such as a grand conspiracy ("an enabling entourage") he claims participates in and keeps the lid on the alleged sexual escapades of Gov Rick Perry.

Morrow has personally indicted Rick Perry for sexual misconduct (the
same sexual exploitation of women Morrow admits he, as a private citizen "but not a hypocrite like Perry," engages in, plus Morrow claims further that Perry also sexually exploits men) by posing this question, "Have you ever had sex with Rick Perry?" in an ad in the August 19th, 2011 edition of the Austin Chronicle (see page 14 of the Chronicle and also online in many blog posts and news reports about the ad, including this story from the Houston Chronicle), ostensibly to assemble the evidence and witnesses to prove to the world what Morrow says he already knows with 100% certainty to be true. Morrow admits that he personally hate's Rick Perry and seems to think of himself as free of moral responsibility for exploiting the same women, so he says, Perry exploits.

Morrow did not come up with his accusation of sexual misconduct by Gov Rick Perry recently (though now is the opportune time, on the heels of Perry's announcement of his candidacy for President of the United States, for him to unleash his "knowledge"). At the Senatorial District 14 Caucus of the 2010 RPT Convention, with minor children present, Morrow nominated himself for the position of RPT Vice-Chairman for the sole purpose of gaining control of the mic (for the time allotted to Party office candidates) so he could trash Gov Perry and former President George Hebert Walker Bush with graphic accusations of sexual misconduct such as he implies of Perry in the Austin Chronicle ad (the ad and Morrow's "testimony" of how he became 100% sure about Perry's extra curricular activities seem more like material for the Onion than the Chronicle). At a previous RPT Convention Congressional District 10 Caucus meeting, Morrow used similar tactics to promote his Libertarian views on the issue of legalization of marijuana and other drugs as well as to promote his own conspiracy theories.

I think the best response to Morrow's question in his ad is how Karl Rove responded to a similar question that Morrow shouted out during a Code Pink led heckling session at UT Austin a while back. Rove said to the audience, in response to Morrow's question which accused George H. W. Bush of pedophilia, "Can we have a non-lunatic question from the lunatics?"

Enough of my words about Morrow. Hear Robert Morrow, in his owns words, and judge for yourself whether he is a liar, a lunatic or a true patriot. Personally, I agree with Karl Rove:

In the 4th hour of the 8/19/2011 Alex Jones show
"He (Morrow) is a real Libertarian...a big Libertarian activist...goes around knocking on hundreds of doors."
- Alex Jones

"Who are you going to believe, Alex, a stripper, an escort, or a politician?"
-Robert Morrow

"I'm not 99% sure that Rick Perry is a rampant adulterer. I'm 100% sure."
-Robert Morrow

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Shad Olson's posted story on Robert Morrow's accusations

The question that begs to be asked, if Morrow is not simply insane but is carrying out a well orchestrated plan in cooperation with others, is just who will benefit from the destruction of the Rick Perry's candidacy who also has a history of using leftists' tactics?

I can think of none of the other viable Republican candidates that would participate in such an enterprise, not even Ron Paul. But some of his supporters, the Paulites, are quite the radicals, so you never know.

There is only one true beneficiary, though, and he is certainly trained in leftist tactics. In fact his campaign sent out this message to its mailing list on August 24th:
Rick Perry has spent a lot of the last two weeks in Iowa, New Hampshire, and South Carolina continuing to boast about a so-called "Texas miracle."

Middle-class families in Texas know that's actually a tall tale. In fact, a study published just last week reports that a quarter of Texas kids live in homes with parents who don't know where their next meal will come from -- the worst rate in the country.

When we asked supporters to share their thoughts on Governor Perry last week, hundreds of people stood up to help tell the full story -- will you join them?

Tell us what you think Americans need to know about what Rick Perry has done, or failed to do, as governor over the last 11 years.

Your feedback will help hold him accountable on the campaign trail, inspire fellow Texans to get involved, and introduce his record -- his actual record -- to voters across the country. Your words will remind him that even as he runs, he won't be able to hide -- a lesson he apparently hadn't learned as recently as last week. That's when his campaign explained that the positions he took in the book he wrote just nine months ago, like saying that Social Security is unconstitutional and "a crumbling monument to the failure of the New Deal," no longer represent his views.

But what other Americans are just starting to learn about -- and, frankly, reject -- Texans have dealt with for more than a decade. It's up to us to make sure he doesn't get to run away from the truth.

Weigh in and let us know what you'd most like to see Gov. Perry held accountable for:

Thanks, and stay tuned.

- Hector

Hector Nieto
Texas State Director
Obama for America