Sunday, October 17, 2010

TLR's Endorsement of Mark Strama and Black Genocide

Last Thursday afternoon I received four copies of the email message imaged herein from my "favorite" (tongue firmly planted in cheek) lobbying group.

You read it right. At this critical moment in the 2010 campaign season Texans for Lawsuit Reform's political action committee is broadcasting their endorsement of Mark “Obama” Strama (and I guess I'm helping them do so via this blog post). Of course, this is no surprise since Mark Strama’s uncle is the President of the organization and the chairman of its PAC. Uncle ‘T’ would not fail to endorse his favorite nephew legislator, Mark Strama to whom he has funneled double digit thousands of PAC money.

Texans for Lawsuit Reform (TLR) is a Republican-Democrat interloping single-issue lobbying group that, in Strama, is endorsing a candidate that has a history of voting the way they want him to, no doubt. But Strama also actively opposed the Voter ID bill and continues to be opposed to voter ID as I heard him state at the October 12th PfCONA Candidate Forum, voted against property tax relief twice (after he first voted for the unpopular business margins tax bill that had some property tax relief in it), wants to subsidize renewable energy and as a result drive up the cost of conventional energy sources (sounds like Obama’s war on coal fire plants), gave money to Obama in 2008 and even made Obama-Strama buttons as a fund raising gimmick in 2008. Basically, this "Rep" is a south paw when it comes to legislating and thus he is unfit for HD 50, which is not exactly a slam-dunk liberal district.

On top of all that, Strama is a pro-abort who supports Planned Parenthood and has sought to fund Planned Parenthood using our tax dollars. I have always known that Planned Parenthood was all about abortion rather than planning a family, in spite of its "family friendly" sounding name, but I did not realize how racist the organization really is until yesterday (10/16). That's when I joined Marilyn Jackson and Donna Campbell and others in East Austin for a screening of the documentary film, Maafa 21. I learned from the film that one out of every two black Americans are killed before they are ever born, a rate of mortality by abortion that dwarfs that of the much more more numerous white population. So I can say definitively, with a mountain of evidence (contained in the 138 minute documentary film) to back it up, that Mark Strama is participating in, and seeking to use tax dollars for, the genocide of black America through his support of Planned Parenthood.

Maafa 21 exposes Planned Parenthood’s genocidal past and present. See links to YouTube video’s about the film, below:

Maafa 21 Trailer

Congressman Trent Franks on Maafa 21

Maafa 21 Pt.4 (The Use of Force)

Maafa 21 Pt.13a of 14

I think I’ve gotten to know Mark Strama's challenger, Patrick McGuinness fairly well over the past several years. Does Patrick care about tort reform in terms of it keeping Texas “business friendly” and job creating? Sure he does, in spite of the purposely misleading introductory paragraph in the Strama endorsement email from Uncle ‘T’ (misleading the reader to assume that Patrick is opposed to law suit reform, which he is not). But, unlike Planned Parenthood supporter Mark Strama, Patrick is unabashedly pro-life and he opposes the racist black baby killing machine that is Planned Parenthood (a machine that also ends the lives of thousands of red, brown, yellow, and white babies every day). On top of that, Reagan Republican and limited government patriot that Patrick is, he is far better qualified to Represent HD 5o than is Uncle ‘T’s little lefty nephew and McGuinness will likely vote in favor of tort reform, anyway, as a matter of good public policy.

So when Patrick is sworn in early next year, TLR can still get what they want out of the HD 50 Representative, if indeed they really want lawsuit reform that is good for Texas.

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