Friday, October 15, 2010

Eat Our Dust

A Trenchant Tale Of Two States - IBD -

Not being an expert in economics I don't have a strong analytical basis for my belief that low taxes and resonable regulation make for a strong economy, but the Investors Business Daily chart below taken from the story linked above show that Texas' lawmakers, Governor Perry, and other statewide leaders have been governing the right way while California's government leaders have just not understood the relationship between good tax and regulation policy and a strong economy.

It is because of Texas' success that I believe we should reelect Gov. Rick Perry and the rest of the statewide Republican leadership as well as elect conservatives challengers Mary Lou Serafine, Patrick McGuinness, Paul Workman, Dan Neil, Jason Isaac, Marilyn Jackson to replace the liberal Democrat incumbents they are challenging.

And about California. Though we do not want California with its high taxes and extreme regulation to drag the rest of the country down, we Texans are proud to have competed with our big sister on the left coast and we hope she will learn a lesson or two from her little experiment in liberalism and will return to her former glory one day. In the mean time Texans say to Californians, "Eat our dust."

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