Wednesday, October 20, 2010


Last night in Bastrop Lloyd Doggett showed up for a debate with Dr. Donna Campbell. We should have known it was a set-up from the beginning since Lloyd Doggett actually showed up. All the questions had to be pre-submitted and someone chose which questions to ask the candidates. I verified with Bastrop County Republicans that they HAD submitted questions for Lloyd Doggett to answer, but none of them were selected. All the questions were addressed to Donna Campbell who spoke first and then Lloyd Doggett got to speak and was allowed to go over allotted time. Jim Stutsman, the Libertarian in the race, was pushed away from the podium when he was 5 second over. Donna Campbell was not able to respond to any of the misrepresentations that Lloyd Doggett brought up. Donna did a great job and we really need to get a person in Congress representing us who is not afraid to show up for a fair and open debate.

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