Friday, January 4, 2008

USA Today tries to off the candidacies of Duncan Hunter and Fred Thompson

Iowa was barely over caucusing when USA Today Editors decided they knew better than Republicans in the other 49 states and better than the not yet chosen delegates to the 2008 Republican Party National Convention, who is worthy to continue the race for the Republican Party Presidential Nomination. My question for the USA Today Editors is, who in the name of democracy made you the politburo?

Click link to read the USA Today Editorial Iowa results hold lessons for the long road ahead

Note: The remainder of this post is a re-write of my comments to the Editors of USA Today Editorial.

Regarding the Editor's dictum that "'s long past time for Rep. Duncan Hunter, R-Calif., to depart the scene", I beg to differ and am reminded of the words of Mark Twain: "The report of my death is an exaggeration."

On the contrary, Huckabee is the one that may be living on borrowed time. Consider for instance Bruce Walker’s American Thinker article, "Mike Huckabee and Christian Duty". I wholeheartedly agree with Mr. Walker on the total unacceptability of Huckabee’s call for Christian-State-Socialism (my term, not Walker’s).

That read reinforces my conviction that Duncan Hunter is the right man for the job. He will empower private industry, not expand government. He is the only candidate that understands and has articulated in clear and salient detail the economic and military threat to the US posed by China. He does not throw up his hands about the threat, but has proposed a viable solution to it—(1) Fair Trade in place of [un]Free Trade, and (2) empowering our manufacturing base (by fixing the trade [in]equity problem and also by tax relief targeted at manufacturers, thereby creating JOBS) so as to keep our economy and military strong.

Duncan is also unwaveringly pro-life (at both ends of life) and has remained solidly against illegal immigration since before such a stance became fashionable. He built the fence on the border in San Diego, and it works. He thus has a proven track record of protecting our borders against illegal entrance of “immigrants” (many hardened criminal and some terrorist—a few perhaps with WMD’s) who do not respect us or our law enough to obey it like desirable foreign visitors and immigrants have been willing to do throughout the life of our great nation.

I have met Duncan Hunter and can attest that he is presidential in intellect, articulation, appearance, and persona (and he can properly pronounce “nuclear”, thus. nü-klē-ər). Texas Republicans chose him over all the other candidates at the 2007 Republican Party of Texas Straw Poll event last August. I voted for him in that event. I am currently planning to vote fore him on March 4, 2008.

Please take a good look at Duncan Hunter for President. He plans to do his Christian duty to protect our way of life and our right to exercise our Judeo-Christian duties freely, using the means by which God prospers us through our Judeo-Christian faith, a Free Trade domestic economy, and Fair Trade based international trade system where we are not forced to redistribute those means either by unFree Trade or by government managed socialism.


Carl said...

I agree with the post.
Duncan Hunter is the most level-headed candidate with the best conservative track record and teh least baggage.
I, too, plan on voting for him.

Jerri Lynn Ward said...

I'm a supporter of Ron Paul, but I believe Duncan Hunter to be a good man. What they are choking off is frank discussion of issues. Duncan Hunter, like Ron Paul, says exactly what he thinks on important issues.

The globalists can't afford to have him up on the podium discussing American sovereignty. I completely object to his being excluded from debates and forums, and to the fact that he was almost completely ignored during the debates.