Saturday, January 26, 2008

Mike Pearce for State Representative

I know that Mike Pearce is not running in Travis or Williamson County, but it is refreshing to find a conservative that truly believes and is running on the values that we, as conservatives, believe in. In light of how un-enthusiastic our top of the ballot candidates are now, it is is time to put our efforts into helping conservatives win their seats in down-ballot races.

Mike is running, as a Republican, in State House District 55 to replace the retiring Diane Delise. This district encompasses most of Bell County, including Temple, Belton, and Harker Heights. Mike is a fiscal conservative who is running on cutting the state budget and returning the money to taxpayers in the form of tax cuts.

Mike is a former teacher who developed his own cirriculum. He now runs his own small business promoting his history and civics cirriculum around the country. As a former teacher, he knows the problems that face our schools and advocates school vouchers as the first step to fix these problems.

Mike has garnered the endorsements of Cathie Adams (Texas Eagle Forum), Peggy Venable, Empower Texans PAC, Young Conservatives of Texas and three State Board of Education members in Ken Mercer, Gail Lowe, and Terri Leo.

Check out Mike's issues and resume at


Anonymous said...

Who do you like for the CD-22 race?

Randy A. Samuelson said...

I support Robert Talton (at least on Facebook). I'm also interested in learning more about Pete Olson.