Saturday, January 5, 2008

Romney wins Wyoming

This will probably be the most under-reported story in the nomination race this month, so let's mention it: With 91 percent of precincts reporting, Romney has won eight of Wyoming's 12 delegates in the Jan 5th caucus. Former Tennessee Sen. Fred Thompson has won two, and California Rep. Duncan Hunter has won one. Zero for Huckabee, Zero for McCain, Zero for Rudy Guiliani.

Bravo to Mitt Romney for the win, and its good to see conservative candidates get on the scoreboard. Hunter, the guy that USA Today says should step off the campaign trail right now has more delegates than Rudy. Maybe it's Rudy who should step aside?

As of tonight, Mitt Romney leads the delegate count for the Republican nomination. Despite the Iowa caucus result - the ClusterHuck - Romney is neither down nor out.

Romney 8 delegates 5 alternates (67%)
Thompson 2 delegates 1 alternate (25%)
Hunter 1 delegate 1 alternate (8%)
McCain 1 alternate
Uncommitted 4 alternate

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