Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Washington's Birthday

Tom Pauken notes:

In the “politically correct” world of modern America, we no longer celebrate the birthday of the Father of our country, George Washington, on February 22nd each year. Instead we celebrate some amorphous holiday known as “President’s Day.”

He asks: "Shouldn't we call it George Washington's birthday again?"

I say yes. President's Day has diluted down the honor of our greatest President, George Washington, to include mediocrities from Buchanan to Carter. George Washington's vital importance in our history is not properly expressed in schools, nor is the amorphous day given any respect.

I asked my son this Monday, Presidents Day, what they were taught about our Presidents on this special day. "Oh, nothing," was his reply. I am disappointed our schools are disinterested in our greatest President.

George Washington's birthday is February 22nd. Enjoy it - and remember what he told us.

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