Friday, February 23, 2007


Obama visits Austin and begs for support: "I don't want to have to raise money in Hollywood all the time," he said. Must be thinking of his media mogul supporter David Geffen, who stirred a political scuffle when he spoke about Hillary, saying: "Everybody in politics lies, but they [the Clintons] do it with such ease, it's troubling." The truth hurts.

Obamination takes on Obama's black separatist 'church'.

Barack at the rally said New Orleans "still looks like a war has been fought. You see buildings and neighborhoods and entire stretches that are completely abandoned."

Let's see. Billions spent and wasted with nothing to show for it. Still a danger zone racked by violence. Government can't and won't do it right. Clearly, there's only one answer - TIME TO PULL THE U.S. OUT OF NEW ORLEANS!


Robert Morrow said...

Folks, that was a WHOPPING 21,841 attendees who came to Obama's rally. It was fine with me. Why should we care? Because Hillary needs to be stopped in the Demo primary, NOT in the general election even though Clinton pond scum would be by far the easiest to beat in a general election.
So please tell all your Demo friends to vote for Obama or John Edwards or anyone BUT Hillary who will literally send someone to beat you up [Gary Johnson] or hire a secret police to intimidate her political opponents or Bill's sex victims or girlfriends.
The Clintons are about to suffer a humiliating defeat in the Demo primary, it is long overdue and well-deserved. I can't see Hillary drawing 20K folks to a rally in Austin. Obama has all the young hotties and their friends on his side while Hillary seems to have a lock on old, angry, bitter man-hating women.

Anonymous said...

"The Clintons are about to suffer a humiliating defeat in the Demo primary, it is long overdue and well-deserved."

Robert: I am glad you see a silver lining in this. Let it be true.

And your point about the brass-knuckles behavior of the Clintons was proven true by their response to Geffen's remark. Pure ambition unconstrained by humility, she feels some regal right to not be criticized. How dare anyone stop her coronation!

OTOH, I see in Obama the same kind of clueless liberalism last seen in Jimmah Carter. I'd hate to relive 4 years of that.

Obama shucks the jive of 'get along' moderation and policially correct pop-speak, but his core is orthodox left-liberal multi-culturalism. This is sold as 'cant we all just get along', when in fact it relativistic progressive piety that is poison to traditional core American values.

I'm interested in a good conservative GOP candidate who can stop either candidate. Robert, see my previous post - who should be the GOP nominee?