Wednesday, January 3, 2007

The Travis Monitor goes live

The Travis Monitor is a blog for the Travis Media Project. This is a beta version of it. Expect more, much more, later.

The Travis Media Project and its 'media mission' is to communicate
conservative viewpoints in the media, with the intention of informing
concerned citizens and voters, balancing media bias and supporting
good causes and candidates. The Travis Media Project is based in Travis
county in central Texas. We are concerned with city of Austin issues, Travis
county issues, central Texas and Texas state issues.


Anonymous said...

A test comment.

carl said...

Test -- First Blogging Try:
Your points are well taken.
However, there is another anti-Walmart reason and that is loss of business by small stores in the neighborhood.
These might be encouraged to become specialty stores carrying items not available at Walmart.
Which is not a bad thing for the public.