Sunday, January 21, 2007

Hillary and Obama jump in

Hillary and Obama are in, a mere 20 months prior to the next elections.
The media has been panting over Obama, turning an obscure do-little freshman Senator into a national figure. Color me unimpressed with the media hype over Obama, whose main attraction to Democrats, under the surface, is the fact that his thing voting record doesn't include a fateful "aye" vote for military force in Iraq. What passes for "hope" in liberal circles these days is finding a Liberal without the track record to get pinned down.

Anything that fuzzes up the issues helps liberals gain power, and the main merit of the last two Democrat victors (Clinton and Carter) was not their positions and record, but lack of same, permitting them to be 'different', 'new Democrat', etc. Liberal (pro-abortion, pro-taxpayer-funding-of-political-campaigns, pro-socialized-medicine, pro-gay-marriage, anti-tax-cuts) Obama's media hype is the same-old spit-n-polish-a-clunker and call it brand new routine.

Voting for Obama is like a third marriage - a triumph of hope over experience.

Voting for Hillary is like voting to spend the next 4 years with your mother-in-law. The nanny state will have a true nagger-in-chief.

In all likelihood, the Obama rocket will flare just brightly enough to 'earn' him the VP slot in a Democrat Hillary-Obama "dream ticket". This will impress the multi-culturalist PC left who obsesses incessently over race and gender in an attempt to be non-sexist and non-racist. Expect repeated tired media "Is America ready to vote for (son of Muslim, black, woman, insert-ethnic-label-here)?" type articles. My question is: Is America ready to vote for the most liberal Presidential ticket ever? Alas, if the Republicans don't put forth a strong, consistent conservative who can rally both the GOP conservative base and the moderate swing voters ... the answer may well be yes.

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