Saturday, January 20, 2007

Democrats are clueless on energy

Missouri's new Senator Claire McCaskill, like many Democrat Senators, has zero grasp of economic realities when it comes to energy. Before the election, in a debate, she said:

Claire McCaskill: Just look at the gas prices. Look at the manipulation of the gas prices. I'm not sure anybody in Missouri believes these gas prices are going down for any other reason than that we're having an election. And I'm sure most people know they're going to go right back up after the election's over. That is because there are five companies that control all of the oil in this country.
Her foolish statement is wrong in so many ways, and her prediction is being dramatically disproven now by a sharp fall in oil prices. Yet this ignorant conspiracy-think frighteningly drives real Democrat policy on energy - higher taxes, more restrictions, less supply, all to sock it to big, bad oil. House Democrats this week voted for billions in higher taxes in the energy sector. It will do noithing good and much bad for energy policy. Billions in taxes will result in less domestic energy production, which mean higher trade deficits, higher taxes and costs for consumers, and more money for oil dictatorships. Is that what we want?

Democrats are making our energy future less secure in their zeal for socking it to oil companies who provide a vital product to our economy. Their actions will hurt all of us a energy consumers and will hurt our energy independence. Clueless conspiracy-talk leads to clueless Democrat policies.

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