Tuesday, January 9, 2007

Letter to Editor on Iraq Editorial

From: Carl Schlaepfer
Letters to Editor
Sent: Tuesday, January 09, 2007 1:31 PM
Letter on Iraq

I disagree with your editorial on Iraq. (1/7/07)

The war started as a preemptive war because of some 17 UN resolutions on weapons inspection -- promising dire consequences -- had no effect and because various intelligence agencies correctly suspected WMD’s. According to the number 2 official in Saddam's air force, Iraq moved his WMD’s into Syria before the war. (http://www.nysun.com/article/26514).
Now, Iraq has become a battlefield in the guerrilla war with extremist terrorists. It is an opportunity to learn how to deal with this different type of warfare.
If we leave Iraq, as the editorial suggests, we leave a battlefield, not the war. We have heard from the leaders of our enemy that they strive for unconditional submission or killing of infidels in their strategy for world dominance. No diplomacy can help under these circumstances.
Mc Cain is right -- we need their defeat now with massive force or will be forced to try under more difficult circumstances in the future.

Carl E. Schlaepfer
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