Friday, January 5, 2007

Friday Night Forums

We are going to have a weekly 'Friday forum' for this blog. It's a chance for the 'commentariat' to give their 2 cents on whatever topic they wish. This will be open forum, anything goes (except maintaining 'civility rules').

We will also have our "Monday update" which will be an update on the Travis Media Project. Since this project is a mere 2 days old (blog-birth was Wednesday), it is brand-spankin'-new and some good stuff to say on Monday.

Now Let me give my comment on the hot Statehouse topic - the speaker race. Dallas blog just linked to a blog that predicted Craddick will win. I expect the same, and I am glad. It is bizarre to have a candidate, Rep Pitts, to (a) not show any supporters in a race when winning is partly about being on the winning side to gain some quid-pro-quo chits, (b) to basically diss the Republican base by saying he cares for Democrat incumbents as much as Republican ones. The Republicans need to get some party unity here and make clear that if any candidate gets 2/3rds of the Republican vote, all Republicans should support that candidate. Republicans and conservatives lose if the speaker is someone who won with more Democrat votes than Republican votes.

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