Tuesday, April 3, 2007

Hillary Clinton Donor Money Came From Scam Artists

Hillary Clinton Donor Money: Two Multi-Million Dollar RICO Suits Filed Against International Profit Associates By Group Of Plaintiffs

Mar 15 2007 —
Hillary Clinton along with several other influential politicians have failed to return campaign donations that appear to be directly connected to an alleged scam which defrauded small to medium sized businesses across the United States and Canada of millions of dollars over more than ten years. In the U.S. District Court for the Northern District of Illinois-Eastern Division, the law firm of Reda & Des Jardins, LTD on Tuesday filed a multi-million dollar RICO lawsuit (Case No. 07C 1425) against one of Hillary Clinton’s top campaign donors, International Profit Associates (IPA).

This is the second multi-million dollar lawsuit filed in less than two weeks against Buffalo Grove, Illinois-based IPA. Another similar filing took place on February 26, in Albany, New York.

Clinton received over $145,000 in campaign donations from those closely affiliated with IPA. Since the article, most politicians that received donations from IPA have since returned the money back to IPA; the plaintiff’s believes Clinton is an exception.



Anonymous said...

No wonder Hillary is the largest campaign fundraiser in Amercain History. Does anyone know is she is taking money from Iran or Saudi Arabia too? She is a disgust to our own political system. Who wants to elect a liar and cheat to run our country. The White water scandal has that already been forgotton? What Americain in their right mind would vote for such a dishonest person. She has no morals. The media and press are just ignoring the facts, she needs to be put in her place and the Americain people need to stand up and state we will not tolerate this behavior. Our founding fathers would be disgusted with her tactics.

Anonymous said...

You are so, so, so right. Hillary is a disgrace to our country. Unfortunately, the retort will be that "everyone else is doing it". So what? Didn't our children try that on us? And our response was, well, they are not my children.

Our founding fathers left us with incredible rules with which to govern this country. No where did it allow corruptness, lies, or cheating,

Let's get back to basics.


Anonymous said...

As for International Profit Associates, this has to be the largest scam in history against small to medium size businesses.

It's example, George S. May International, has been doing this since the 1920's. Difference is that back then, small business owners just hung their head in shame for being hoodwinked - or they found the scoundrel and hung them from the nearest tree, or shoot them dead.

While I don't yearn for those good ole days, people who commit scams on the public must be punished and put out of business.

So, John Burgess, after a short stint at George S. May to learn their "methods" took a group (known at George S. May as the 'coup') and started International Profit Associates.

They struggled in the beginning like most start-ups and, at first, it seemed that IPA was going to be an honest business consulting firm. But, true to John Burgess form, the company grew wildly and quickly, always with one thought in mind - make John Burgess rich.

The man is shrewd. He made it a point to hire lawyers and CPA's for consultants. Little did they know that their first line of defense was John Burgess. John didn't care if they had been disbarred, like himself, they still knew the law. He could get someone who had a license to sign the papers he wanted.

International Profit Associates is and has always been a sales organization. The hell with benefit - get the money. Even analysts have described themselves as salespeople who just happen to do an analysis - shallow as the analysis is.

Since International Profit Associates beginning in 1991, they have had horrendous legal bills, most of their own doing. Oh, yes, George S. May sued them for taking their supposedly unique methods, and Burgess won those cases, simply because the methods are not unique. Today you can even find them for free on the internet.

The bulk of the legal fees were paid to defend IPA against angry former clients and employees. Don't know the number of cases, but was told once it was well over 300 since 1991. And that does not even count those former clients who don't bother to sue.

Evidence of discontent is via the over 400 complaints to the Better Business Bureau. Of course, Burgess dismisses those by saying that someone at George S. May is on the board of directors at the BBB so are black balling Burgess. Yeh, right. The numbers speak volumes.

Complaints to the Illinois Attorney General have done no good since Lisa Madigan also received monies from Burgess. Get the picture, John Burgess buys protection - his bevy of inhouse lawyers who are all well paid plus he buys the politicians. Have no idea how many judges he has bought.

Now, finally, 19 plaintiffs are standing their ground. This complaint filed in Federal Court is huge. Huge because it details - yes, details - the total scam. Exhibits include the Sales Training Manual as well as the Analysts Training Manual.

If you want to educate yourself against scams go to http://www.ipaclient.com and follow the links to read the entire complaint as well as the exhibits (two separate links).

And if you have $6 to spare, go to http://harvardbusinessonline.hbsp.harvard.edu/b01/en/common/item_detail.jhtml?id=801397 , the Harvard Business Review site. and buy the study done on IPA a number of years ago. That was a HUGE selling point used UNTIL the study was published and it exposed Burgess' vile ways. Of course, IPA, in usual form, puts an entirely different spin on it on their site.

So, this is the kind of guy Hillary is connected with - she even has used IPA's private jet. Oh, did I mention the sexual harrassment case filed against John Burgess and IPA? Not just one - started at over 160 women, Burgess bragged that he got it down to 116. EEOC says it is one of the largest cases ever. Yet the case has yet to be settled, fines or punishment levied since Burgess and his bevy of legal staff continue to stall.

Sounds like Hillary to me.


Anonymous said...

George S May has become a scam. See http://www.georgesmayscam.com

Anonymous said...

Ive worked with IPA for the last month as a, "Business Coordinator". HA! I'm a telemarketer, I sit at a computer with a headset calling the same businesses over and over and over all day long! Most of the businesses know my voice and just hang up the phone on me. They realized I was changing my name so they didn't think the same guy from IPA was calling everyday, three or four times. I talked to my manager about a week after I started there stating that I'm calling the same businesses constantly. He told me that I have to do that because I'm not booking any appointments for my sales rep. In personal opinion, this is harassment. Owners have told me their stories about how bad the company has emptied their pockets and that IPA is a huge scam. Another owner I talked to had told me that he told us that we could stop by just to drop off some information, the sales rep came in, started a presentation and was told to leave after a couple mins. The sales rep started getting angry and wouldn't leave, the sales rep was actually threatening the business owner! The owner said he had to go and get his brother, much bigger guy, to throw him out of the shop! That's when I stopped calling business owners to make appointments and started calling them to ask them their experiences with IPA. Ive heard absolutely nothing good. Not one person I have talked to told me that IPA was a good business decision and would refer them to other business owners. Two times in a month, Ive had owners ask me to tell them again what company I'm calling from, when I say IPA they say, "Wheres my check?". If times weren't to tough, and jobs were easy to get, I would never, not in a million years work for a company as shady, as fake as IPA is. Normally I would leave my name right next to my opinion, but I need the check. Trust me, I wont be sending any sales rep into any businesses in any time soon.

Anonymous said...

IPA does well at analyzing failing businesses for the purpose of mining the businesses for IPA profit. I found them to be rather ruthless, high-pressure to the max, and quite organizationally obnoxious. IPA has a troubled history, particularly with Founder/CEO Burgess, who probably should be in prison several times over. This is all bad enough, but the worst crime of IPA is that they treat their customers like IPA profit-potential milk cows instead of struggling business owners who need sound advice, even if that advice is "Close your business", a phrase you'll never hear from IPA to a client. No profit in it. So, why can I be judgmental about IPA? I use to work for IPA as a Senior Business Analyst. I quit because I believed IPA had institutionalized unethical conduct across all the company's processes and particularly hounded their own employees to act in unethical ways towards when dealing with their customers. I had ethics; IPA did not. We were not a good fit. I no longer work for IPA and will not recommend them to anyone. Engage with IPA at your own peril (of your business).

Anonymous said...

IPA and it's reps are a joke.
I scheduled a meeting with a so called "expert" in our business. The first thing she said to me when she walked through the door was "Where's the toilet, I have to piss like a race horse". A real pro.
Needless to say she new nothing about our business and the meeting was over. IPA still makes calls to set up meetings, I just ask if I can put them on hold because I have to piss like a race horse.

Unknown said...
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frank dustin said...

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